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Eye tests

All you need to know 
about our eye tests. 

Yep, that’s right. Our eye test appointments are entirely free and come with no strings attached. You don't even have to buy a pair of our glasses after your appointment — it’s your call.

Booking is easy. Simply go online, call us, or visit us directly at one of our stores. Our team is made up of highly qualified and professional Optometrists and Opticians, and we only use state of the art equipment.

Our eye tests take about 20 minutes — this goes for multifocal and single vision.

Before arriving at your appointment please take note of the following:

  • If you have glasses, please bring them with you.

  • Please take out your contacts prior to your appointment or we won't be able to check your eyes. For soft lenses, remove 30 minutes beforehand and for hard lenses remove 12 hours beforehand.

  • Don’t be late! We’ll only accept a 5-minute delay — any later and we’ll have to schedule a new appointment.

Don't worry, we always send out an email with this information after an eye test has been booked.

Book an eye test!