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These types!

  • Non-prescription sunglasses €98
  • Non-prescription glasses €98
  • Single focus glasses €98
  • Reading glasses €98
  • Single focus sunglasses €148
  • Varifocal glasses €248
  • Varifocal sunglasses €298
  • Computer glasses €248

We should mention that our titanium and limited edition frames are €/£50 (DKK 498, SEK 648) more expensive than the costs you see above.

All of our glasses are created in-house at our Amsterdam studio, and all of our frames are handcrafted with great care from the highest quality materials. You can read more about our story here.

All of our glasses are made with high-quality synthetic (CR-39) lenses. We apply a protective anti-scratch layer to minimize the chance of scratches, as well as a 100% UV protection coating to protect your eyes from harmful UV light.

Our optical lenses and prescription sun lenses also feature a multilayer anti-reflection coating. So, yeah, pretty good!


All of our varifocal lenses are produced with the innovative freeform digital surface technology. From this, we are able to achieve highly customized and exceptionally accurate lenses for your unique prescription. Depending on your prescription, the index (thickness) of the glass will be adjusted for optimal results. Our lenses are more precise, comfortable and less vulnerable than traditional mineral lenses.

Our varifocal glasses are available up to a maximum sphere between -8.00 or +8.00 and up to a maximum cylinder of -4.00 or +4.00.