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Eye tests available every day during opening hours

Discover our in-store services

  • Free eye tests icon
    Kostenloser Sehtest

    Buche einen kostenlosen Sehtest bei einem unserer professionellen Optiker. Der Test geht ganz schnell – perfekt für die Mittagspause.

  • Contact lens services
    Contact lens services

    Book an appointment if you fancy trying Ace & Tate Contacts — our premium hydrogel daily contact lenses. We'll test your eyes, issue you with a prescription and provide aftercare advice. To book simply click on the 'book an eye test' button at the top of this page

  • Same day glasses icon

    Deine neue Brille mit Stärke – innerhalb von 24 Stunden für dich bereit.

  • Measurement prescription icon
    Überprüfung deiner Sehstärke

    Du hast bereits eine Brille, bist aber nicht sicher, welche Sehstärke deine Gläser haben? Wir überprüfen das für dich, ganz ohne Kosten.

  • Free adjustments icon
    Kostenlose Anpassungen

    Unser freundliches Team passt deine Brille vorsichtig an, sodass sie wieder perfekt sitzt.

  • Style advice icon

    Brauchst du Hilfe? Unser Team zeigt dir gerne unsere verschiedenen Modelle und hilft, dir deine perfekte Brille zu finden.

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Product features

  • Blue Light Filter Icon

    Blue Light Filter

    Our Blue Light Filter — available for prescription and non-prescription lenses — blocks high-energy blue light emitted from digital screens, reducing light scatter. It'll help your eyes feel more focused and comfortable during a long day of emails and video calls.

  • Varifocal glasses icon

    Varifocal glasses

    Varifocal glasses have multiple prescriptions in one lens, for near and distance vision correction. Gone are the days of switching frames! We source ours from one of the best suppliers in the business.

  • Ultra Thin Lenses icon

    Ultra Thin Lenses

    Our Ultra Thin Lenses have a 1.74 index — they're the thinnest you're going to find. Perfect for high prescriptions above +/-4 dioptres, they're also just €50.00 on top of the price of any frame — that's a high-tech lens, for a tiny price.

  • Anti-reflection coating icon

    Anti-reflection coating

    Our anti-reflection coating eliminates reflected glare, with over 99% of visible light passing through the lenses — meaning they're a joy to see through. People looking at you will get a nice view of your eyes, too.

  • Scratch-resistant coating icon

    Scratch-resistant coating

    Scratched lenses are no fun, which is why all our lenses have a scratch-resistant coating included. Please still keep them in their case when you're not wearing them though: they're tough, but not indestructible.

  • UV protection icon

    UV protection

    All our optical and sunglass lenses contain UV A and UV B filters to block 100% of harmful UV rays, meeting the EU standards of protection. Now, where's the beach?

  • Sunlight filters icon

    Sunlight filters

    According to EU standards, sun glare protection is categorised from 0-4, with 0 being the lightest and 4 the darkest. The majority of our standard sunglass lenses are category 3, which provides enough protection for everyday use.

  • Polarised Sunglasses Lenses Icon

    Polarised Sunglasses

    Get rid of glare with our sunglasses with Polarised Lenses. They neutralise and slow down horizontally-travelling light (e.g. reflected from water). That means reduced eye strain, more vibrant colours and a clearer view.

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