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Blue Light Filter

Is Blue Light a problem?

Hold up, what the heck is going on with blue light? Ok, we’re going to make this as simple as possible without dragging you into a science class. 

Blue light is a colour in the visible light spectrum that can be seen by the human eye. Blue light is short in wavelength, which means it produces higher amounts of energy. You’re actually exposed to it every day, particularly if you spend long periods outdoors, behind a computer screen, tablet, or mobile device.

Is Blue Light from the sun harmful?

Long story short, it might cause serious damage.  While ultraviolet light is absorbed mainly by the front section of the eye, high energy violet-blue rays  actually reach our retinas. Recent laboratory-based research now reveals that this visible component of sunlight may actually be intense enough to cause ionizing damage to the back of our eyes, in the long-term. Our Blue Light Filter lenses block both UV and high energy violet-blue light, to provide comprehensive solar radiation protection in a ‘clear’ lens.


Is Blue Light from screens a hazard?

Er, probably not.  Although this same violet-blue light colour found in sunlight is also emitted from modern digital displays, current research does not prove that these screen rays are bright enough to be harmful to our eyes.


Wait a minute! Then why do so many people find backlit digital screens so tiring to use?

 Well, everyone would benefit from regular screen breaks to reduce symptoms of eye strain. Looking away from digital screens and viewing into the distance at least every 20 minutes definitely helps.  

Also, having regular eye tests will allow our Optometrists to assess your computer vision requirements. If needed, prescription lenses may improve your digital life by enhancing both visual clarity and comfort.

How do Blue Light Filter lenses help screen users?

 Even when our brightly-coloured screens seem to be clear, through a quirk of nature, violet-blue light rays (the shortest wavelength) tend to scatter and mis-focus in our eyes.  Our Blue Light Filter technology cleverly reduces this chromatic light scatter, intrinsic to these backlight emissions, so improving image contrast and visual comfort for many wearers.

Our patented Blue Light Filter works by blocking over 94% of violet-blue light, as well as over 99% of UV radiation.  Amazingly, all this comprehensive protection is engineered into a lens with only a very slight tint, that most wearers find attractive and restful to wear both in front of a screen and outdoors.

Don’t have a prescription, but spend long periods of time working at screens or outdoors? You can still purchase any of our optical glasses with Blue Light Filter lenses to block those misbehaving blue rays. Style, meet Function.

What about Blue Light affecting sleep?

 There is growing evidence that using digital displays in the evening close to bedtime may disrupt our sleep patterns. However, the specific colour of light implicated in this neurological pathway is actually a different, longer wavelength of ‘turquoise’ light.  Our patented Blue Light Filter does not block turquoise light and, by implication, will not interfere with your circadian rhythm. We say let sleepy nature do its own thing!

How much is it to add Blue Light Filter lenses?

 The cost to add Blue Light Filter to a pair of new glasses is €20. If you already have a pair of Ace & Tate glasses, the cost to replace single vision lenses to blue light filter lenses is €/£68. Learn more about our Pricing model, here.