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How to buy glasses

Looking for the glasses of your dreams? You're in the right place. Check out our simple steps for buying perfect glasses.

Book a free eye test

If you’re experiencing problems with your eyes, or you’ve not had them tested in more than two years, this is the place to start. Available in nearly all stores.

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Vision Screener

Want to check if your vision has changed, or if it’s time for an eye test? Use this tool — with or without glasses — to assess your visual acuity (sharpness). Available in select countries.

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Prescription Checker

If you’re happy with your current lenses, but don’t know their prescription, download this app! Scan your lenses to find out what correction they have. Available in select countries.

scan your glasses

Measure your Pupillary Distance

Our online tool measures your “PD” in less than two minutes — that’s the distance between your pupils. We’ll send you the link once you’ve ordered glasses online.

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Try glasses online

Try-on our full collection of frames virtually, without leaving the house. Available anytime, anywhere.

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Home Try-on

Select four frames you love — we’ll deliver them to you for free, for five days of testing. Available in select countries.

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Drop by your nearest store, get a free eye test, and get yourself some personal style advice. We look pretty good IRL — just sayin'.

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