Free Cleaning Kit Promotion: Terms & Conditions

We’re donating safety goggles to frontline medical workers and volunteers.
We've already committed to donating 5,000 pairs, but together we can do more! Let's join forces and get that number up as high as possible. Join our pledge and donate goggles directly for €3 each.

The Terms of the Safety Goggles Donation Period:

1. Donation Packs

  1. The donation period ("Donation Period") runs from 12:00 on Thursday 16th April to 17:59 on Friday 29th May 2020. The Donation Period end date is flexible and is at Ace & Tate's sole discretion.

  2. During the Donation Period, the customer may choose to donate (a) pair(s) of safety goggles (CE-conform and EN-166 certified) (“Safety Goggles”) in quantities of one (1), three (3), five (5), ten (10), one hundred (100) or five hundred (500) (the "Donation Packs"). Donation Packs to be purchased by the customer will be charged to the customer for the Cost Price (as defined below) and will appear on their invoice with the reference of “Donation Pack”.

  3. The cost price of one (1) pair of Safety Goggles in the currencies that Ace & Tate is currently trading in, is as follows: €3 / ₤3 / $3 / CHF 3 / SEK 33 / DDK 23 (the “Cost Price”).

  4. Both customers purchasing products on and customers not purchasing Ace & Tate products on, have the opportunity to purchase Donation Packs at their own expense via the website

3. Distribution of Safety Goggles

  1. Safety Goggles purchased by customers as Donation Packs, will be delivered and distributed directly to either the Red Cross or governmental institutions in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and Belgium. Ace & Tate will not deliver Safety Goggles to customers. Customers will not and are not eligible to receive and/or come into contact with the Safety Goggles they have purchased.

  2. Upon receipt of Ace & Tate's delivery of Safety Goggles, the Red Cross or governmental institutions are responsible for distributing Safety Goggles to markets most in need of Safety Goggles, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ace & Tate will not ship Safety Goggles directly to end users.

4. Return Policy

  1. Donation Packs purchased during the Donation Period, are non-refundable and cannot be returned or exchanged for cash, credit or any other compensation.

5. Various

  1. Ace & Tate makes no profit from this initiative.

  2. Corrine Holdinga of Holdinga Matthijssen Kraak B.V. (Amsterdam) will act as an independent notary ("the Notary") for this initiative, ensuring the relevant (financial) data is supplied by Ace & Tate, supported by a statement of intent supplied by the board of Ace & Tate and the CFO. At the end of the Donation Period, the notary will issue a statement regarding the findings of the investigation conducted and the limitations of this investigation and assumptions made.

  3. These Terms are applicable to customers shopping in any Ace & Tate store and/or shopping online on for all countries Ace & Tate ships to.

  4. In addition to these Terms, the Terms and Conditions Ace & Tate E-Com B.V. (August 2018) apply to the Donation Period. In the event of a conflict between the Terms and Conditions Ace & Tate E-Com B.V. (August 2018) and these Terms, these Terms shall prevail.

  5. Ace & Tate reserves the right at all times, without giving any reason, to stop or amend these Terms or to change the Terms. All Safety Goggles donated up until the moment the Donation Period stopped, will still be processed.

Let's give goggles!

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