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Ace & Tate Contacts

Introducing our premium daily contact lenses, for crystal-clear vision and comfortable eyes. Available to you as a six day trial, 30-day packs, or purse-pleasing bundles.

Upgrade to Ace & Tate Contacts

World-class quality & comfort

Made from moisture-retaining Hioxifilcon A, to keep your eyes soothed and hydrated. We partnered with world leading supplier Menicon, to offer you premium daily lenses.

Thoughtful packaging

Innovative packaging using 100% recycled plastic, plus 80% less material than other products (see our FAQs for more information).

Buy in bundles

Stockpile your Contacts in monthly bundles to make purse-pleasing savings — up to 25%.

Try them (almost) for free

Order a trial for and we’ll reimburse your first order with an gift code, to use towards a future purchase.

A 30-day pack for one eye costs — but remember to add your gift code from your trial. And if you’re one to plan ahead, buy your Contacts in bundles. Minimum bundle order of six 30-day packs.

Note: You need a valid prescription ​​for contact lenses (it contains different values than your glasses prescription!).

Down to the details

Our Contacts are suited to you, if:

  • You’re confident with buying contact lenses online.

  • You are an experienced daily contact lens wearer.

  • You have a valid contact lens prescription (not a glasses one) less than 12 months old.

  • Your prescription is within the range of -10.00 and +4.00 dioptres, without a CYL measurement (no astigmatism).


*Please note — if ordering a trial pack for the first time, we strongly advise that you visit a registered contact lens Optician for your prescription and initial lens fitting. Whilst we can’t offer these services in our stores right now (it's something we'll be introducing in the future — stay tuned), our fellow Opticians will be able to give you their expert advice and guidance. Our Contacts are recommended for experienced daily contact lens wearers only with a valid prescription less than 12 months old.

  • Material type — Hydrogel

  • Material — Hioxifilcon A

  • Oxygen permeability — 25 Dk/t

  • Water content — 57%

  • Handling tint — Yes

  • Base Curve — 8.4mm*

  • Diameter — 14.2mm


*Ace & Tate Contacts are designed to comfortably fit over 90% of wearers within a “medium” Base Curve range of 8.4 to 8.6mm.

By collaborating with our lens provider, Menicon, we're able to offer a packaging solution consisting of:

  1. A hard container (for our 30-day pack) that is produced from recycled mould runners, and so is made of 100% recycled plastic.

  2. Lens sleeves (blister packs) that use significantly less material than their conventional packs — they're just 1mm thick versus standard packs at 8mm.

If you've any other questions regarding our Ace & Tate Contacts packaging, our Customer Experience team will be happy to help.

If you’d like to know more about how to use your Contacts, read our (super detailed) Instructions for Use here (opens as PDF).

Don't just listen to us

*Survey conducted with first 50 customers of Ace & Tate Contacts, March 2021.

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