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Screen Glasses protect your eyes from blue light radiation, which is important for everyone – even if you don’t have a prescription.

You probably need Screen Glasses

If you don’t need glasses but work in front of a phone or computer all day, our Screen Glasses are for you.

Give your eyes a rest

Work presentations giving you headaches and it’s not because they’re boring?

Blue light radiation from digital screens might not be good for us. Current research doesn’t prove that modern digital displays emit enough to be harmful, but excess blue light does cause increased light scatter and mis-focus from screens, which can be easily improved.

Our Blue Light Filter blocks 94% of those misbehaving rays, reducing strain and keeping our eyes fresh. That's good news for screen addicts, which is all of us, basically.

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What's the cost?

Screen Glasses cost €98 and are available online or in store. Take them home on the same day (in store only) for an extra €20, too. 

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Feeling left out?

If you do need a prescription, you can add the Blue Light Filter to your regular specs for €20. If you’re buying online, select the Blue Light Filter option after choosing single or multifocal lenses. Easy.

And if you’re not sure if you need opticals, why not book a free eye test?

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Disclaimer : You might have guessed it, but Blue Light Filter lenses have a bit of a blue tint (or sometimes, yellow). That’s why we don’t suggest Screen Glasses if you depend on colour accuracy for work e.g. digital designers, or photo editors.

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