We believe inspiration is everywhere, if you just open your eyes wide and Take Another Look. You in?

Axl in Smoke
Ruby in Satin Silver

Bold views.

We seek to celebrate, support and collaborate with creative, forward-thinking individuals who make our hearts beat faster.

Zing Tsjeng

Zing Tsjeng is the executive editor of Vice and the author of the acclaimed book series, Forgotten Women. Zing specialises in Women’s and LGBTQ rights, politics, culture and lifestyle. You might also recognise her as the host of our podcast, Career Girls, about women, work and winning.

Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

Jordy van den Nieuwendijk is a painter and illustrator, who’s known for his colourful, simplistic forms that exude childlike joy, through the exploration of everyday objects. Jordy created the murals for our store in Antwerp and The Hague, where he is based. 

Seetal Solanki

Seetal Solanki is the founder and director of Ma-tt-er, a London-based research design studio that explores different materials in order to help build a responsible future. Seetal previously collaborated with us on a project for Dutch Design Week 2018, entitled “How do we design a more liveable future?”

Responsible actions.

By finding responsible solutions to create a more planet-friendly product, we aim to become an engine for positive change in the eyewear industry.

Owen in Bio Black. Our bio acetate material is made entirely of bio-based material.

Nice eyewear, too.

We want to change the way people experience eyewear, and use our glasses as a tool to encourage confidence and self-expression.

Neil Large in Satin Silver
Neil Large in Satin Silver

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