Type of glasses Delivery time
Giftcard 3-5 business days
Sunglasses without prescription 3-5 business days
Single focus prescription glasses 4-8 business days
Single focus sunglasses 4-8 business days
Varifocal glasses 8-12 business days
Varifocal sunglasses 8-12 business days
Computer glasses 8-12 business days
At the moment we ship our glasses to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Austria and Sweden. We always pay for the shipping costs, so there are no additional shipping costs for certain countries.
The shipping costs are included in the price, so we do not charge any extra costs for the shipment of your glasses.
When you receive a new pair of glasses, your eyes always have to adjust to the way you look through the lenses. This is especially true when you also got a new prescription in the lenses. The adjustment period can take up to a week for single focus lenses and up to two weeks for varifocal lenses. If your feel like you can’t immediately look comfortably through your new glasses then we would like to advise you to wear the glasses 3 full days in a row. By doing this you will give your eyes the time to get adjusted to the new lenses and most of the time you will notice that your viewing comfort will improve.

It’s also important that the focus point of the lenses is in the right position. We therefore would like to advise you to get your new glasses adjusted to your facial shape. We can do this free of charge in one of our stores. You can just stop by without an appointment and our retail assistants will adjust the temples of your frame. If you’re not able to visit one of our stores then you can always get the frames adjusted at a local optician.

If you’re still not completely happy with your new glasses after wearing them for a few days then it could be possible that your prescription needs a slight adjustment. In this case we advise you to visit the optician where you did the eye test. He or she can then check the lenses in your glasses and do a new eye test if needed. If it turns out that your prescription needs an adjustment and you are within the 30 days return period, then we will replace the lenses free of charge. You can contact us at hello@aceandtate.com so we can give you more information about the return process.
You always have to get used to a new pair of glasses. If this is your first pair of varifocal (sun)glasses then we would like to give you some tips so you can start to enjoy wearing your new frames as fast as possible.

The most important thing is that you need to adjust to the three sections and their location in the lens: the bottom part of the lens should be used for short distances and the top part should be used for you to see long distances. Always point the tip of your nose to the object you want to look at and be sure to keep your chin up while you are reading something. By doing this you’ll make sure that you’re using the correct part of the lens for every distance.

In contrast to single prescription lenses, you may experience some blurriness and small distortions at the edge of the lens while you are wearing varifocal lenses. It can take from a couple of hours up to a few weeks before you become completely used to your new glasses.

It’s possible that the frame might not sit correctly on your face at first try. If this is the case, we advise you to visit a local optician who can adjust the frames so they fit perfectly and make sure that you look correctly through the lenses.
If you are not completely happy with the frame that you received and would like to exchange it for another frame, then you can contact our customer service. We will provide you with a return label with which you can send back the glasses free of charge.

Once we have received your return in Amsterdam, we will start producing your new glasses and send the new pair your way as fast as possible. This way you never have to place a new order or make a new payment.

You can also always exchange or return your glasses in one of our stores.
In the unfortunate case that you’re not completely satisfied with your new glasses, you can return them to us within 30 days free of charge. You can contact us in order to request a return label with which you can return the glasses at no additional costs. Once we’ve received your glasses at our office in Amsterdam, we will exchange your glasses for another pair or will send you a full refund as soon as possible.
You can always return your glasses within 30 days from the moment that you receive the glasses. You can contact us in order to request a return label with which you can return the glasses at no additional costs.