Do you also offer computer glasses?

All of our frames are available with special computer lenses. This type of lenses is perfect for those who want to use their glasses to both read and work behind their computer for longer periods. You will be able to clearly see your screen through the top part of the lens, while the bottom half of the lens will make sure you can read everything clearly. The width of the reading part is bigger than varifocal lenses, so this type of glasses is much more suited for long-term work behind a computer.

At the moment you can only order computer glasses in one of our stores. If you are unsure about your prescription you can always plan in a free eye test on our website so our optician can give advice on the perfect prescription for you.

A pair of computer glasses including prescription lenses costs £248. The lenses are produced with an anti-reflective coating, UV protection coating, anti-scratch coating and a water- and dirt resistant coating.

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