Do you also offer varifocal glasses?

Yes, we definitely offer varifocal glasses. Varifocal (sun)lenses allow you to see clearly at every distance without you having to carry around and swap your frames for different uses.

Varifocal lenses provide a smooth transition from a prescription for distance (at the top of the lens) to a reading prescription (at the bottom of the lens). When looking through the lens, you can see long distances through the top, short distances through the bottom and use the middle part of the lens for everything in-between.

A pair of varifocal glasses including prescription lenses costs £248. The price for our varifocal sunglasses is £298. All of our lenses are produced with an anti-reflective coating, UV protection coating, anti-scratch coating and a dirt resistant coating.

Furthermore, we can ensure you that we use the thinnest glass possible based on your prescription for no additional costs.

Our varifocal glasses are available up to a maximum sphere between -8.00 or +8.00 and up to a maximum cilinder of -4.00 or +4.00.

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