I can't look comfortably through my new glasses, what could be wrong?

When you receive a new pair of glasses, your eyes always have to adjust to the way you look through the lenses. This is especially true when you also got a new prescription in the lenses. The adjustment period can take up to a week for single focus lenses and up to two weeks for varifocal lenses. If your feel like you can’t immediately look comfortably through your new glasses then we would like to advise you to wear the glasses 3 full days in a row. By doing this you will give your eyes the time to get adjusted to the new lenses and most of the time you will notice that your viewing comfort will improve.

It’s also important that the focus point of the lenses is in the right position. We therefore would like to advise you to get your new glasses adjusted to your facial shape. We can do this free of charge in one of our stores. You can just stop by without an appointment and our retail assistants will adjust the temples of your frame. If you’re not able to visit one of our stores then you can always get the frames adjusted at a local optician.

If you’re still not completely happy with your new glasses after wearing them for a few days then it could be possible that your prescription needs a slight adjustment. In this case we advise you to visit the optician where you did the eye test. He or she can then check the lenses in your glasses and do a new eye test if needed. If it turns out that your prescription needs an adjustment and you are within the 30 days return period, you can contact us at hello@aceandtate.com so we can give you more information about the return process.

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