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Our A-Z Guide To Optimism

For us, optimism is anyone who's down to switch setbacks for another shot. It's for those who are dead-set on making everything a bit better and brighter. In the first few months of 2019, we'll celebrate them.
A is for Adwoa: gurls talk


is for

Adwoa: gurls talk

Fierce female chat

Founded by model and activist Adwoa Aboah, Gurls Talk is a safe platform for anyone to openly share anything and everything, without stigma, without shame, just love and positivity. We're stronger together.

B is for Behind The Scars


is for

Behind The Scars

We Are All Warriors

Created by Sophie Mayanne, behind the Scars is a photography project that celebrates the skin we live in. Each picture is an act of self-love and empowerment, meant to inspire us all to look at scars not as something to hide, but to proudly show off as marks of victory.

C is for Ocean Cleanup


is for

Ocean Cleanup

Deep Thinking

Founded in the Netherlands by Boyan Slat at the age of 18, the Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organisation, designing and developing advanced technologies to help rid the world’s oceans of plastic. It takes an extreme kind of positivity and perseverance to confront and help solve such a monumental issue like this one. Dream big, kids. Dream huge...

D is for Documentary: Big Wata


is for

Documentary: Big Wata

It comes in waves

Big Wata is a documentary directed by Dutch filmmaker Gugi van der Velden, about Sierra Leone’s first and only surf club, founded during the Ebola outbreak. It’s an incredibly sweet and heartfelt story about people unexpectedly coming together through sport, and an inspiring example of finding light in the darkest of times.

E is for Eye Tests


is for

Eye Tests

Happy eyes

Everyone should have their eyes checked out at some point in their lives, and we do it for free at all of our stores, with no strings attached. What’s not to like? Go for it.

F is for Meat the Future


is for

Meat for the future

Food for thoughts

Humanity’s love for meat won’t ever stop, but our planet isn’t able to support this undying need for much longer. Next Nature Network, the Dutch organisation approaching nature and technology in a new manner, has found one very promising solution: in vitro meat. Imagine! Growing meat from one single cell! We would save all kinds of lives! Though still not a practical reality, we can read all about it in their book, including the 45 recipes you cannot cook yet.

G is for Gal Dem


is for


Seeing in Colour

For AW18, we collaborated with London-based award-winning magazine, gal-dem — a young media powerhouse that’s made up solely of women and non-binary people of colour. Focusing on four creatives, we discussed some of the assumptions they’ve had to face because of the colour of their skin, in the hopes of broadening perspectives and continuing our celebration of diversity in all its forms.

H is for Happify


is for


All the feels

The good old road to happiness starts from within, they say. Happify is a self-guided app that aims to increase positive emotions — like gratefulness and mindfulness — through exercises and games, using proven techniques developed by scientists in the know. Does it work? Well, you won’t know until you’ve tried it.

I is for Creative Independent


is for

Creative Independent

Let's help each other out

As a creative, it’s important to have a strong support group. The Creative Independent offers practical, emotional guidance for creatives and those who wish to create. It’s a safe platform in which to have humble, healthy conversations about crucial themes such as collaboration, triumph, failure and anxieties in the form of articles, zines, Q&As and more. And like all of us, it's continually under construction.

J is for Jack


is for


The new club in town

For many, there’s few things more exhilarating than dancing in the dark. At Jack Amsterdam, a nightclub that celebrates diversity, creativity and open-minded people, you’ll most definitely feel safe to simply let yourself go and let the rhythm take you over.

K is for Keychain


is for


Turn waste into treasure

As we continue our journey to becoming a more sustainable company, we’re looking for environmentally-friendly solutions for our waste. So who did we call? Polimeer! Bob Vos & Alesandro Ladarola, the Dutch design duo whose focus is creating positive impact products, have turned our plastic packaging waste from our HQ and stores into pretty pocket-sized treasures: keychains!

L is for Les Yeux Orange


is for

Les Yeux Orange

Sounding Sweet

This Paris-based collective and label pushes out consistently quality underground electronic music through their various platforms, all for the sheer love of it. Their legendary YouTube channel is an absolute go-to when you're digging for the most sumptuous sounds to gift a dancefloor. Psst, you can also catch them up next on our Ace & Tate Sounds mix series. Please don't tell anyone, or we'll be in BIG trouble.

M is for Ma-tt-er


is for


Blueprints for Happiness

Seetal Solanki worked with us on our Dutch Design Week 2018 project named 'How do we design a more liveable future?' Her amazing book explores topics such as what it means to live in a material world, and how materials of the past and present hold the keys to our future. It's certainly forward-thinking stuff that pushes for brighter times. Dive in.

N is for Ny Østergade


is for

Ny Østergade

Good things in store

Denmark is consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world. How? You'll have to ask 'em. Our store in Copenhagen sure know the trick, though!

O is for The Other Box


is for

The Other Box

Creative empowerment

This award-winning platform aims to increase diversity in creative industries by giving those from underrepresented backgrounds the tools they need to thrive. We love their outlook.

P is for Provenance


is for


Positive Products

Provenance is a an online platform that empowers consumers through a more transparent, ethical and responsible approach. It gets people really thinking about their products, allowing for more authenticity. It caught our eye as it shows that a more sustainable future is possible.

Q is for Queer Bible


is for

Queer Bible

Lessons in Queer Culture

This brilliantly curated blog reveals the sometimes hidden history of gay culture with a bunch of cool content. The idea is that if you know your history, the future's going to be a lot brighter. We also interviewed Jack the founder in our YES podcast, which you can check here.

R is for Real Review


is for

Real Review


Real Review is a quarterly contemporary culture magazine that imagines different worlds in the present. Contributions to the publication tackle everything from cloud sovereignty to structuralist ideas around contemporary myths. We're fans because we think that talking the deeper meaning of everyday things in our lives is an inherently optimistic look. Dive in!

S is for Tali Sharot


is for

Tali Sharot

Here comes the sun

Tali Sharot, a professor of cognitive neuroscience at University College London puts forward a very sunny notion: optimism runs deeply through us all. Despite our anxiety about the state of the planet, humans are gloriously optimistic beings. Dive into this for a fascinating and feel good read.



is for

Pot Yer Tits Away Luv

Pot dealer

Leeds-based Emma Low brought a smile to our faces the moments we clapped eyes on her cheeky creations. These handcrafted mugs are a true celebration of individuality; no two tits are the same.

U is for UMFANG


is for


Taking on Male-dominated Techno

Umfang is one of New York's finest musical exports. As co-founder of the Discwoman collective, she's been a leading and voice in tackling the problem of male-dominated line-ups and and the general lack of inclusivity that goes on in underground electronic music. She's also currently producing some of the most forward-thinking sounds out there. Dive into some of her works or mixes – we recommend starting with her Dekmantel Boiler Room for a full-force barrage of some of the nastiest electro known to womankind.

V is for Vibrators from Dame Products


is for

Vibrators from Dame Products

Pleasure for all

Two women — Alex Fine, a credentialed sexologist, and Janet Lieberman, an established engineer and MIT alumna — joined forces to create modern, well-researched, female-focused sex toys.Their mission? To empower the female sexual experience, not only by providing pleasure, but by talking about it too. In other words: they wish to make the world a better place, one vagina at a time.

W is for What a Time to be Alone


is for

What a Time to be Alone

Flying solo

This book is Slumflower's how-to guide for finding self-worth in a world that seems obsessed with telling us we're not good enough. Learn how to celebrate YOU. Settle down, snuggle up with it, then stick it to 'em.

X is for Eliminate bad thoughts with @recipes for self love


is for

Eliminate bad thoughts with @recipes for self love

Cooking up some cheer

Here's a zine that works hard to pepper your day with positivity through some sweet illustrations and words of wisdom. Smash that follow button.

Y is for Why Worry?


is for

Why Worry?

Tackling angst with tech

We usually associate tech with stress, but this smart little app has a new and neat approach to dealing with troublesome thoughts. Log your worries, realise that they're mostly unfounded, and reduce a bunch of stress from your life. Anything that helps you reflect is worth a shot in our book.

Z is for Zero Discrimination Day: 1 March


is for

Zero Discrimination Day: 1 March

Sticking it to stigma

Discrimination is pretty much always based on misinformation or fear of the unknown. By reflecting on people in everyday situations, on Zero Discrimination Day, 1 March, UNAIDS, challenges people to recognize where everyday discrimination takes place and to take action to stop it.

Illustrations by the one and only Miguel Angel Camprubi