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Beraber, real name Barış Akardere, produces elegant, sophisticated and understated house music. Inspired by a variety of genres, both new and vintage, the Amsterdam-based DJ hosts a bi-monthly show on Red Light Radio, and has recently released a new EP entitled ‘Midnite’ on the London-based record label Release Sustain.

The set he prepared for us is ideal to listen to at home, he says, whilst reading, having breakfast, or during a cooking sesh. Breathe in, breathe out, stay home — enjoy.

Hi Baris, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Yes, of course! I’m Barış Akardere, born in 1985 & based in beautiful Amsterdam now. I produce and play music as Beraber, and do bits of music for film and advertising as well.

How are you feeling right now, given the current strange, scary situation we’re living in? 

Obviously these are scary and uncertain times, but so far I managed to stay pretty positive and hopeful. Lots of time to work on and listen to new music, and I’m especially happy we get to spend so much time at home with our 7-month-old. Trying to make the best of it!

Do you feel music can help us stay balanced in times like these? How so?

Definitely. I really can’t imagine sitting at home all day without having music on. Whatever you feel like, it’s the perfect medium to complement, or change your mood. So I guess now more than ever it’s important to listen to the songs and albums that make you feel good, that inspire you or give you comfort when you need it.

How would you describe the set you’ve prepared for us and what do you want people to feel when listening to it?

I started selecting tracks for this mix before this whole pandemic started, and already had in mind I wanted it to be something to listen to at home, at any time of the day. Mostly when I do mixes I focus on club music that I think also works outside the club or on headphones, but this time I specifically had a more chilled out home setting in mind. Listening to it now I feel that it’s a perfect fit for how I feel these days, so I’m pretty happy with it. I hope this will be the soundtrack to a good read, a nice breakfast, a long cooking session or your trip to the grocery store. Do let me know how it makes you feel!

What song or album are you currently listening to over and over again? 

I find myself listening to more laid-back music that all three of us can enjoy at home, and also listening to releases and mixes from start to end more easily, which is great. Mocky albums, Toshifumi Hinata on Music from Memory, new music from Ivan Ave, Lara di Lara, Cleo Sol, Pacific Coliseum and Bullion. I wanted to put Bob Lind’s ‘Cool Summer’ in this mix too but couldn’t find the right place.

Do you think the way we experience music and other cultural events will change post pandemic? 

If things get back to normal I guess we’re all going to enjoy going out to clubs, festivals or museums a bit more than usual. There’s tons of nice initiatives and new ways to enjoy music online now, probably some of it will stick when this is over. Most artists, musicians and institutions are hit hard by this situation though, so mostly I hope we can find new ways to make sure we can all continue to do what we do.

Do you have any live stream music event suggestions?

I’m happy Charlie Bones’ breakfast show on NTS is still on! Also really enjoying the live streams from Amsterdam’s very own RadioRadio and Libra Mix in Vancouver. Carista is broadcasting awesome sets from her studio in Utrecht, and Elias Mazian’s excellent Private Hearts shows are highly recommended as well.

Big thanks for having me, hope you enjoy & stay safe! X