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Oh, would you look at that – Francis Inferno Orchestra is the next guest for our mix series. Hey, FIO! Here the Aussie weaves his way like a true expert through ambient nature sounds, super soothing synths, piano pieces, jazz-infused chillers, stoner rock, downtempo house, windpipes (!?) and much more.

It’s a tricky one, but can you attempt to sum up the sound of Francis Inferno Orchestra?

The sound of FIO is like an old man easing into a warm bath, except the bath is at a party.

Would you call this a typical mix?

I’d say no because I strive to do something new and make every mix different to keep things interesting.

We notice that your style is pretty cheeky (eg. yoga instructions interlude) - can you elaborate on that?

I guess you can kinda look at it as a ‘skit’ on a rap album. It helps to break it up, and it’s even better if it’s something funny. Just like all the tongue in cheek new age stuff in this mix, that kinda stuff always makes me laugh.

We heard you’re sharing a studio space with Max Abysmal (check his Ace & Tate mix here), how is that going and are you bouncing off each other?

It’s great, we’re constantly adding new things and playing around with it, in fact, we’re re-building the layout as I write this. We also have two skate parks right next to the studio and we both like to skate so it’s kind of perfect. Hot tip…ummm.. there’s good ramen here...spicy chicken ramen at Umaimon, that's the one.

Any labels to watch out for?

I’m really liking what the crew at PRR! PRR! is doing. Especially that David Goblin character... he’s huge.

What does the future hold for Superconscious?

The never-ending quest for perfect dance music. Also, some merch is finally coming. Keep your eyes out.

If your music were one of our frames, which’d it be?

Cliff - because they looked really good on the website, but I was supremely disappointed about how badly they sat on my face. Just like my music.