It starts at home. We’ve started making greener choices in our HQ and retail locations. Not that the journey is over though: we’re constantly challenging ourselves to make more responsible choices.

Green energy

We’ve partnered up with Vandebron to build a network of 100% green energy at all times at our HQ and all our stores in the Netherlands. 

It was a pretty big process, starting with our HQ in Amsterdam and expanding to all our stores in The Netherlands. We reached out to our landlords in retail locations, to persuade them to make the switch, too. 

We’re pretty proud of the change we made and by the end of 2019, most stores throughout Europe will be running on renewable energy. Glasgow, Bristol, Manchester and London Brewer Street will catch up by 2022.

Planting seeds

We all know that paper comes from trees, but did you know that trees can also grow from paper?

Our compliment cards — the ones we send to customers when we’ve messed up — are made from seed paper and printed with environmentally friendly ink. Put them in the ground and watch the plants grow.

Sustainable retail design

When we first started opening stores — let’s be honest — we weren’t really concerned with being green, but as we’ve grown, we’ve realised the importance of sustainable design. Now, we integrate it into every new location and use it to improve existing ones (e.g. renewable energy). 

It all started with Freiburg: we were inspired by the city’s eco-friendly attitude to recycling and applied it to the store. Dutch artist Boris de Beijer used waste acetate to create display blocks and countertops from 100% recycled materials.

JPG 300dpi-Freiburg Store Images

The floor is also made from Fabscrap: a near-zero-emission material made from vinyl waste. The results were so impressive, it motivated us to continue this commitment to other stores.

This is just the start: our Retail Expansion team is constantly researching responsible solutions for store design, so stay tuned.

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