Frame Exchange

Note: this product is intended to be ordered after having contact with our customer service. If your lenses are still in good shape and you would like us to transfer them to a new frame, please contact our customer service first via or +44 (0)20 351 422 72

We can transfer the your lenses to a new frame for €48. This can only be the same model, since your current lenses will not fit in another model. However, it is possible to choose another color of your current frame.

When you have completed the order, we will send you a return label with which you can return your glasses to us free of charge. Once the glasses have arrived at our office we will transfer the lenses to the new frames and send the new glasses back to you as soon as possible. The whole return proces can take up to 8-10 business days.

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  • 30 days no questions asked return policy