Get shady with it

Sup, summer lovers. How are your eyes feeling? Dry, gritty, dazzling? All of the above? We’ve got summer to blame for our sun-strained and tired eyes.

Eye care is the new self-care

There we said it. Forget facials and bubble baths — it’s all about the eyes. Add this little routine to your morning ritual and bring back moisture to those precious peepers. Just don’t blame us if they become even more dazzling.

1. Fill up the tank

First things first — a little stretch and a big glass of cold water. Your eyes love a happy, hydrated body. If you’re not hydrated, there’s not enough tear production, and you do really need those tears for sparkling bulbs and clear vision — especially in summer.

2. Give it a wash

We hope you don’t need a lecture on washing your hands and face, but you might not be cleansing your eyes. All good — let’s start today. Instead of reaching out into that little corner and poking eye discharge out with your finger, grab a washcloth. Just dampen the cloth with warm water and gently rub your eyelid margin.

3. De-puff & nourish

Warm days and UV rays can be harsh on the fragile skin around your eyes. Nothing a little eye cream can't straighten out — especially with SPF.
Wanna do it old school? Slice up some cucumbers or get cold teabags — your eyes will thank you later.

4. Find some shade

UV-A and UV-B rays travel at high frequencies and can penetrate deep into your eyes if you’re not careful. But don’t fear. Our sunnies will block 100% of both radiation types — they don’t look too shabby either. Top it off with SPF under the eye area and a cool hat — your eyes will thank you later.

Our go-to UV protection

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