Let’s plant trees together

We work with Trees for All to offset our CO2 emissions by restoring forests and ecosystems — and you can help out. Donate with us to plant carbon-dioxide-loving trees.




1. Find your glasses

The first step is business as usual — find your perfect pair of glasses. There will be an option after completing your purchase to donate to Trees for All.

2. Choose your donation

You can donate €2, €4 or €8, to plant a half, 1 tree or even 2 trees. Don’t worry, it’s all pretty straightforward. The actual tree planting will be done by Trees for All.

3. Trees for All plants trees

With your donation, Trees for All will plant trees in Europe and developing countries. This way, they restore forests, create more biodiversity and support healthier living conditions for everyone.


Give €2 to plant

half a tree


Give €4 to plant

one tree


Give €8 to plant

two trees

Sustainable forestry

Trees give us oxygen, clean air, food, protection, coolness and water — yep they’re pretty crucial for us and our climate. In addition, forests cater to biodiversity and are an important solution to counter climate change. So far, Trees for All has carried out 64 sustainable reforestation projects — resulting in around 450.000 tons of CO2.

Before we reach our net-zero emissions goal, Trees for All helps us to offset our carbon footprint — making us entirely carbon neutral. We know offsetting is not the solution, but by doing so we can restore ecosystems while looking for ways to work towards a net-zero economy.


trees planted with us

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