Adjust Your Glasses
Sometimes your glasses won’t fit perfectly when you’ve just received them. But don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for that!
Get your frame fit just right
Here are some signs of poorly fitting frames:
  • You get dizzy when you wear them
  • They slip down your nose
  • The arms don't fully sit on your ears
  • You feel pressure on the wrong points, e.g. on your temples (too tight, or too loose)
  • The nose pads aren't dividing pressure evenly, or they don't sit straight
These can all be easily fixed with small adjustments. If you buy your glasses in one of our stores, our retail staff will make sure they fit properly (but don’t be afraid to come back if you need a few tweaks).

If you purchase your Ace & Tate frames online, we can still adjust your frames free of charge, and without an appointment, in all of our stores. Pop by any time.

After wearing them for a while, your glasses might need a tune-up. Bring them in, just please don’t try it yourself, as we have special tools for it. Leave it to the experts!

If you don't live close by, then you can always ask a local optician to get your glasses adjusted. Most opticians will be happy to help but they may ask for a small fee.

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