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Book an Eye Test

Book an eye test

Don't know your prescription? Come in for a free*, no strings attached eye test appointment, with one of our qualified optometrists and opticians. * It really is free

Before your appointment, please take note:

  • If you have glasses, please take them with you.

  • Please take out your contacts prior to your appointment. For soft lenses, remove 30 minutes before, for hard lenses remove 12 hours before. Or else we won't be able to check your eyes.

  • The eye test takes 20 minutes โ€” this goes for both single vision and multifocal.

  • Don't be late! Weโ€™ll only accept a 5-minute delay, any later and weโ€™ll unfortunately have to schedule a new appointment.

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Drop by your nearest store, get a free eye test, and get yourself some personal style advice. We look pretty good IRL โ€” just sayin'.

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