sunglasses for women

In-house designed sunglasses inspired by women, but that actually look good on just about anything. Really, it's quite something.
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Vic Lux

Behold the Vic Lux — it’s real fancy. It’s probably just about the fanciest thing we’ve created so far. Oh, and it’s available in a couple of slick colourways: Pink Suede and Bio Black.

Ace & Tate


colour pop

Use this Colour Pop range to express different sides of yourself. Play with colour and mood like you were some kind of artist with kaleidoscopic eyes, and see where it takes you.

Ace & Tate


me myself & i

We want to celebrate the universal truth that we are complex beings made up of many thoughts, feelings, urges, wants, needs, likes, dislikes and itches that need scratching - all the things that make us uniquely individual.

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