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All our frames always come with high-quality lenses. But if you’re looking to level up with advanced coatings and add-ons — we have options. Here's an overview for both glasses and sunglasses.

Lenses for glasses

Essential Lenses

All our glasses come with standard, high-quality lenses. We call them Essential, as they offer all the essential features for good vision and ease of use. You can get them in different thicknesses, either 1.5 or 1.6 index.
Looking to upgrade on coatings and benefits? Scroll down to explore Premium and Supreme.
+ Standard anti-scratch and anti-reflection coatings
+ Repels water
+ Made from impact-resistant material

Premium Lenses

Level up your lenses with upgraded coatings. Our Premium Lenses offer improved durability, effortless care and a refined finish. In addition to repelling water like our Essential Lenses, Premium also repels dust and dirt. They also offer a more lightweight experience and improve your look by eliminating glare from the front and back of your lens.
+ Lasts longer with advanced hard coating
+ Repels water, dust and dirt
+ Offers a refined look and finish

Supreme Lenses

Our Supreme Lenses are the most durable and advanced we have. They offer the best visual performance with a hard coating that's even more effective than Premium and 50% more scratch resistant. Supreme Lenses also have an upgraded coating that's anti-static, which repels even the finest dust particles — meaning it will stay cleaner for longer and is much easier to clean.
Great for all prescriptions, but required for prescriptions equal to or above -/+ 6.00.
+ Our most long-life, durable coatings
+ Anti-static for an ultra-clean, spotless look
+ 50% more scratch resistant than Premium
AT PL ComparisonTable 1560X2404PX
AT PL ComparisonTable 2880X1258PX

Relax Lenses

Frame 1840

Relax Lenses

What: Targets digital fatigue from focusing on smartphone, tablet and laptop screens. The lens features a near-support zone in the lower half.
For who: Anyone with a single-vision prescription.
Group 2219

Computer Lenses

What: Provides both wide intermediate computer vision and near reading vision. It's the most comfortable solution for when you're using a desktop screen.
For who: Suitable for presbyopic prescriptions with a reading add of +1.00 or higher.
Group 2221

Multifocal Lenses

What: Offers near, intermediate and distance vision correction in one lens. So you don't have to switch between glasses
For who: Suitable for presbyopic prescriptions with a reading add of +0.75 or higher.

Lenses for sunglasses

Sun Essential

Our high-quality, standard lenses offer 100% protection from UV-A and UV-B rays and are included in the base price of your sunglasses. We call them Sun Essential, as they offer all the essential features and standard coatings for good vision and ease of use.
+ 100% UV-A, UV-B protection
+ Standard anti-scratch and anti-reflection coatings
+ Repels water

Sun Premium

Sun Premium offers ultimate durability and visual performance with upgraded front and back lens coatings. In addition to repelling water like Essential, Premium Lenses repel dust and dirt — making them extra easy to clean and stay clean longer.
These lenses also offer a more refined look with an extra coating that minimises reflections. Great for all prescriptions, but required for prescriptions equal to or above -/+ 6.00.
+ Front and back surface coatings and UV protection
+ A refined look with almost no reflection
+ Repels water, grease and dirt for an ultra-clean look
AT SunPro ComparisonTable 1560X2356PX
AT SunPro ComparisonTable 2880X1268PX

Add-on: Blue Light Filter

Our Blue Light Filter glasses block 94% of high-energy blue-violet light, as well as almost 100% of invisible UV A and UV B rays.During a long day behind the screen, wearing blue light glasses can help your eyes feel more comfortable. You can add this to all lens types.
+ Relieves eye strain from screens
+ Reduces glare
+ Blocks 94% of high-energy blue light

Add on: Polarised

Get rid of glare with our Polarised Lenses. They neutralise and slow down horizontally-travelling light (e.g. reflected from water). It relaxes your eyes and allows you to see more vibrant colours. You can make both Sun Essential and Sun Premium Lenses polarised.
+ Eliminate glare
+ Ease eye strain
+ Improve colour perception
+ Increase visual clarity

Light Responsive Lenses

Whether you're outside or indoors, these lenses adapt to your every move. Thanks to trillions of photochromic molecules, they effortlessly transition to a sun lens tint when exposed to UV light. That means you have opticals and sunglasses in one.
+ 2-in-1 convenience: optical and sun protection in a single pair
+ Always provides 100% UV protection
+ Comfortable vision in all light levels
+ Darkens to a category 3 sun lens tint, depending on the temperature and UV levels
+ Tinting is fast; fading takes time (several minutes to clear completely)
+ Colour adaptation has a temperature element: faster in warm temperatures, slower in cold
+ UV filter in all modern car windscreens limits the response of photochromic tint

AT PL-SunPro Store 1560X1716PX
AT PL-SunPro Store 2880X800PX
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