High index lenses

Whether you have a high prescription or simply love a light frame, our High Index Lenses are the right choice for you. Looking to upgrade to a thinner lens with advanced coatings? Take a look at our Premium Lenses. They are not only slim but also have a superb anti-dirt coating that repels water, dust and dirt, so you don’t have to clean your lenses as much — ‘cause who’s got time for that?

Neil & other metal frames

Always wanted metal frames, but never been able to wear them ‘cause your lenses are too thick? Worry no more!
Our ultra-thin Premium Lenses fit neatly into any frame, so now you can wear your fave metal styles, like Neil and Jay.

Ultra-thin and super comfy

Lens indexing is a numbering system — the higher the index, the thinner the lens. We use a range from 1.5, 1.6, 1.67 to 1.74. 1.74 High Index Lenses have everything you need in a condensed size — they’re up to 50% thinner than regular lenses, so get ready for your sleekest look yet. They are lighter too, meaning less annoying nose slide.
Note: Currently, you cannot choose your own lens index. However, you can rely on us to always select the thinnest lenses for your prescription!

Enjoy less

What’s the cost?

Premium Lenses cost €70 on top of the price of any frame — that’s an advanced lens, for an affordable price.
To replace the lenses in your existing Ace & Tate frames costs €125 for single vision lenses and €365 for varifocal lenses.

We love us some hard facts

Available for:
  • All prescriptions (single vision and varifocals)
  • Required for all frames with a prescription of +/-6.25 dioptres or higher
Currently unavailable for:
  • Sunglasses
  • Blue Light Filter in combination with high prescription (index of 1.74)

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