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It starts at home. Around 50 stores and a grown-up HQ means we use a whole lot of energy on a daily basis.

We’ve partnered up with energy platform Vandebron to build a network of 100% green energy at all times at our HQ and all our stores in the Netherlands.

By the end of 2019, all our stores throughout Europe will be running on green energy as well. High five, guys!

Our HQ is meat-free from Mondays to Thursdays and the coffee that keeps our energy up comes from 100% FairChain coffee brand, Moyee.

Planting seeds

We all know that paper comes from trees, but did you know that trees can also grow from paper?

Our compliment cards — the ones we send to customers when we’ve messed up (hey, nobody’s perfect) — are made from seed paper and printed with environmentally friendly ink. Put them in the ground and watch the greens grow!

Sustainable retail design

The culture and community of Freiburg is on it when it comes to recycling and waste management. Inspired by their dedication, we integrated responsible design into our Freiburg store.

We asked Dutch artist Boris de Beijer to use waste acetate and create display blocks from 100% recycled materials. These sheets were also used for countertops.

JPG 300dpi-Freiburg Store Images

The blocks were forged using the same technique as the lamps he displayed at our Eindhoven store during Dutch Design Week. 

Another fantastically green feature is our flooring: made from Fabscrap. It's a colourful chip mix made of waste from other vinyl flooring production runs and is a near-zero-emission material. Go us! 

This is just the start: our Retail Expansion team is constantly researching responsible solutions for store design, so stay tuned.