Whatever and wherever we produce, we always make sure our products are high quality.
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We’ve got standards
Quality materials and manufacturing are central to everything we do. Your glasses go through a lot, so we need to make sure they’re up to the job.

Most of our frames are made of acetate — a material traditionally used to make glasses. It’s strong, durable and flexible. The rest are made of metal (composite or titanium). You can find out more on our Product page.

Our frames are handmade by dedicated manufacturing partners following a long-ass process — over one hundred steps that take three months. The combination of automated and manual steps make sure your frames get to you looking perfect.
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Our quality team
We’ve recently set up a team to ensure that quality remains high on the agenda, no matter what we’re doing.

Based in our Amsterdam HQ, this group of crusaders has the job of controlling quality in the total product flow. Their aim is to prevent mistakes that might affect your frames and continuously improve procedures along the way.
Our checklist
We’ve developed a set of guidelines to check quality at each stage. We oversee everything, from the first sketches to the finished product.

We work with QIMA to complete checks along the supply chain. They offer tailored quality controls, from hand tests to ensure quality and performance characteristics, to lab testing.

The five stages and what’s checked:
Design — Technical Drawing:
A member of our product design team creates a digital drawing of the frame, based on an initial hand sketch, including all measurements. We then 3D print the frame (using recycled PLA) and, when we’re happy with the specifications, send the technical drawing to our supplier to make a prototype.
Prototype — Technical Solutions:
When we receive our first prototype, we check its fit, shape and measurements. If anything feels off, this is the time to make changes.
Photo sample — Manufacturing Tests:
The second sample is made in all the colours we’ll eventually sell. We check all the details; the colours, polishing and construction, plus we select the lens colours. Again, if there are any adjustments needed, this is a chance to give the supplier feedback.
Pre-shipment sample — Quality Check:
Before the bulk order is shipped, a final sample is sent to our HQ and by now, there should be little to no changes. The supply chain team now gets involved, to approve bulk production.
Bulk — Final Quality Check:
At this point, we engage our partner QIMA to conduct a final on-site quality inspection. Based on this, our supply chain team can approve the shipment.
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We're not just for show
We believe that good design isn’t just about looking great, it’s about seeing clearly too.

Don’t worry about choosing extra lenses or coatings. We work with some of the best laboratories in the world to make the right lenses for you. No matter your prescription, we’ll automatically offer you the best option, without any pricey surprises afterwards.

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