Introducing the Ace & Tate Vision Statement
Welcome to our Vision Statement. Read on to discover our own take on eye care and what it means to us, as told by the people who make the magic happen — our opticians.
A word from our opticians
Our team filled us in on why they do what they do. As you’ll find out, not all opticians wear lab coats.
“I really enjoy sharing my knowledge.” — “Work doesn’t have to be work, it can also be friendship.”
Sara — Master Optician
“I don’t sit down and think I saved someone’s life, no, I feel as if I made someone appreciate life more.”
Ankit — Optometrist
“What I like about our customers is the diversity — young people, older people, business people and hip people.”
Lisan — Optician
Top quality materials
All of our frames are thoughtfully designed by our in-house team in Amsterdam, and only produced in factories that share our strict values of quality and integrity.
AT VS Quality 1 D 1800X900PX
Most of our frames are made of acetate — a material traditionally used to make glasses. It's strong, durable and flexible. We also offer frames made of metal (composite or titanium).
AT VS Quality 2 D 1800X900PX
We make sure to use high-quality hinges and screws in all our frames — so you get to enjoy them for a long time. Also, we apply anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings to all our lenses. Pretty neat, huh?
AT VS M QualityFull
AT VS D QualityFull
Our lenses
We only offer lenses of the highest quality. If you are looking for specific extras — like particular coatings — you can always upgrade. Here are some options you might be interested in:
AT VS BLF 1080X1350PX (2)
Blue Light Filter
Block high lever radiation emitted by screen with our Blue Light Filter.
AT VS PolarisedLenses 1080X1350PX-(2)
Polarised Lenses
Get rid of glare on sunny days with our Polarised Lenses.
AT VS PremiumLenses 1080X1350PX-(2)
Premium Lenses
Experience an ultra-thin lens with superior coatings — upgrade to Premium Lenses.
Mighty fine machinery
To ensure a proper examination, our eye test rooms are equipped with some super sleek machinery. Explore the image below to check out the goods.
AT VS Machinery 1080X1080PX
  1. Essilor CSPOLA600 — Polarized digital visusscreen
  2. Essilor APH550 phoropter — State of the art, fully automatic phoropter head with touch screen control panel
  3. Essilor ALM500 Autolens meter — Smart auto lens meter with touchscreen display
  4. Essilor SL550 Slitlight
  5. Essilor AKR550 Autorefractor — Automated Autorefracto-Keratometer
  6. Essilor APH550 phoropter — State of the art, fully automatic phoropter head with touch screen control panel
AT VS BCorp D 1440X1296PX
We’re working on minimising our environmental impact. The goal for Ace & Tate is to have a positive social impact on people’s lives by providing sight, changing perspectives and opportunities for growth within the company. We put transparency and impact at the core of everything we do.
AT VS MostImportantly D 1440X1296PX
Most importantly
The ambition for Ace & Tate is to become the driver for change in our industry, by focussing on measurable impact as well as improving the product and everything that comes with it.
10 principles of eye tests
No eye is the same
We, as qualified optometrists and opticians, know that every eye is different, therefore being vigilant throughout the whole process is very important.
Do your homework
We always make sure to know all there is to know about our customers’ eyes.
Listening is key
Our customers’ eyes are our focus, but for us, it’s about listening too — only then are we able to get a thorough understanding of their needs.
Talk about it
We strive to be as communicative as possible, leaving all possible confusions at the door.
First, let’s examine
We always do pre-examinations, which determine the optimal starting point for our eye tests.
Use the best to test
We, as qualified optometrist and opticians, strictly use state of the art instruments, in order to develop the most accurate prescriptions.
Show them the light
We, as if by magic, transform abstract numbers into clear figures, letting our customers see it for themselves.
Keep it nice and simple
The eye test results, including a tailored solution are explained in a transparent and logical manner.
Answer everything
We make sure all questions are being answered, leaving our customer with a clear understanding of their sight situation.
File it
Once we've covered everything, we safely file our customers' results in their online account: available to access anytime, anywhere.
AT VS Footer M 1080X864PX
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