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Production & Responsibility


Honestly, we cannot claim our frames are truly sustainable, as the production, shipping and retail process all require fossil fuel-based materials to be used. In 2019 we began introducing this “bio acetate” for the first time, and we are continuously rolling out more colours. You can now filter all of our frames on the webshop to see which of our frames contain biodegradable acetate. Browse here.

Packaging made up 50% of our total environmental footprint in 2017, so it became immediately clear that we had to do better here. We made some major changes, redesigning our cotton tote bags, eyewear cases and cloths. Furthermore, we cut out unnecessary packaging materials and switched to recycled and recyclable materials.

These are our humble design principles for packaging, where protection and functionality take the lead:

  • Reduce and eliminate all packaging that’s not functional

  • Re-use and swap single-use for multiple-use packaging

  • Recycle: find waste or surplus materials from other value chains to feed our packaging, and reduce the material complexity to simplify recycling after use.

Read more about our packaging, here.

Is your frame broken? The damage might be covered by our two year warranty, so please check the warranty guidelines to see if the issue is covered by our policy.

If the damage to your frames does not fall under warranty, then we offer a frame replacement service in all of our stores for £60. Check out the frame replacement FAQ for more details.

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