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Sometimes you just need new lenses

If you have a new prescription or need to replace your lenses for other reasons (scratches, etc), you can order new lenses by contacting our customer service team and they’ll set it all up. Then all you have to do is drop by your selected store to get your frames equipped with the new lenses.

If emailing is not your thing, you can also visit one of our stores and our staff will happily help you, of course.


Below is an overview of the different prices per type of lenses.

  • Single vision optical lenses €/£48

  • Sun lenses without prescription €/£48

  • Single vision sun lenses €/£78

  • Multifocal optical lenses €/£248

  • Multifocal sun lenses €/£278

Acetate dries out over time (it’s a natural product), so there is always a chance that your frame could break while putting in new lenses. We will refund you the costs of the new lenses, but we can’t give any warranty on frames that are older than 2 years.

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