Get your glasses refunded

Get your glasses refunded

Did you know that you can get your glasses reimbursed by your insurance? Follow our guidelines below and file for reimbursement today. You're already informed? Good for you — then all that's left is to find the perfect frame.

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Get your glasses refunded

Why you can get your glasses reimbursed

When purchasing glasses or contact lenses, you are acquiring products that protect your eyes — therefore, these products might be covered by your insurance.

Three simple steps

Step 1

Check with your insurance provider whether prescription glasses are covered. That depends on your insurer and the policy you hold. Generally, your insurer will only cover the cost of your lenses, not that of your frame. Luckily, we offer great frames for only €110.

Step 2

Check whether you qualify for reimbursement. Some insurers cover prescription glasses for underage clients only. Some insurance companies provide coverage for lenses above certain dioptres.

Step 3

You might have to prove to your insurance that you require prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Some insurance companies will ask for a form that includes your prescription. Whatever documents you might need, we are here to help you out.

Why you can get your glasses reimbursed

Online or in-store

Depending on whether you order your prescription glasses/contact lenses online or buy them in-store — the process for reimbursement differs.

When you order glasses online, you can choose to fill in the required information during our online check-out. The additional info includes: date of birth and your prescription. Want to buy your glasses in your local store? You can fill in all the details right there — our staff is happy to help guide you through the process.

Why you can get your glasses reimbursed
Get your glasses refunded ace & tate

If you need a signature

Your insurance company might ask for a signature from your optician — to ensure that you really have a condition that requires you to wear protective eyeglasses. Not to worry — we have lovely opticians working at each one of our stores. Pop by, and they will be happy to help you out.


Get your glasses refunded ace & tate
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Ask us anything

Insurance is a tricky thing — do not hesitate to contact our Customer Experience team if you have any questions or doubts at all. We will be more than happy to help you out.

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Now you know that you can get your glasses reimbursed — browse our collection and find your new favourite glasses.

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