Trees for all Customer Donations: Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Trees for All Customer Donations (“Terms”):

  1. Donation

    1. The donation period starts on 09:00 AM on Monday 10 May 2021 ("Donation Period"). The Donation Period end date is flexible and is at Ace & Tate's sole discretion.

    2. During the Donation Period, the customer may choose to make monetary donations in quantities of € 2 € 4, or € 8  to the foundation ‘Trees for All’ (the "Donation"). Donations made by the customer will be visible on the customers bank statement. Donations are transferred directly to the foundation ‘Trees For All’ (please see Clause 2.3 (‘Transfer of Donations and use of Donations’) of these Terms for more information about Trees for All) and will therefore not appear on Ace & Tate’s invoices.

    3. The cost price of a Donation in other currencies that Ace & Tate is currently trading in, will be as follows:

    • € 2: ₤ 2 / $ 2,50  / CHF 2,50 / SEK 20 / DKK 15

    • € 4: ₤ 3 / $ 5 / CHF 5 / SEK 40 / DKK 30

    • € 8: ₤ 6 / $ 10 / CHF 10 / SEK 80 / DKK 60

    4. Only customers purchasing products on and/or in any Ace & Tate store have the opportunity to make a Donation at their own expense via the website and/or in any Ace & Tate store. Customers not purchasing Ace & Tate products on and/or in any Ace & Tate store make a Donation via the website of the foundation Trees for All (

  2. Transfer of Donations and use of Donations

    1. All the Donations made by customers will be transferred via Adyen, Ace & Tate’s payment partner, to Trees for All.

    2. Adyen offers Ace & Tate the service ‘Adyen Giving’, which enables Ace & Tate to offer its customers the opportunity to make Donations to Trees for All. The Donations are processed by Adyen at no additional cost. More information about Adyen Giving can be found here.

    3. Trees for All is a not-for-profit CBF-certified foundation that aims to contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity and better living conditions for local people. More information about Trees for All can be found on here.

    4. With the Donations, Trees for All invest in sustainable forestry projects worldwide. For more information on their current projects, please visit Trees for All works solely with verified and certified partners and has been thoroughly screened for compliance to ensure donations are allocated to the intended resources. Trees for All guarantees the Donations are directed to the appointed projects.

    5. Ace & Tate will not deliver trees (or parts thereof) to customers. Customers will not and are not eligible to receive and/or come into contact with the Donations or trees (or parts thereof) they have donated.

  3. Return Policy

    1. Donations made during the Donation Period cannot be revoked, are non-refundable and cannot be returned or exchanged for cash, credit or any other compensation.

  4. Various

    1. Ace & Tate makes no profit from this initiative..

    2. These Terms are applicable to customers shopping in any Ace & Tate store and/or shopping online on

    3. In addition to these Terms, the Terms and Conditions Ace & Tate E-Com B.V. (August 2018) apply to the Donation. In the event of a conflict between the Terms and Conditions Ace & Tate E-Com B.V. (August 2018) and these Terms, these Terms shall prevail.

    4. Ace & Tate reserves the right at all times, without giving any reason, to stop or amend these Terms or to change the Terms.

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