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We offer free eye tests (yes, really) by qualified optometrists in our stores. Whether you’re a glasses wearer or not, it’s a good idea to have a check up once every two years, as your eyes can change over time. To book, use our store finder below and follow the steps to book a time slot online. An eye test takes around 20 minutes for single vision and multifocal glasses, so you can even drop in on your lunch break.

Before your eye test, we need a few things from you:

  • Please be on time. To avoid delays for others, if you’re more than 5 minutes late, we’ll cancel your appointment and you’ll have to rebook.
  • If you normally wear glasses, bring them along.
  • If you normally wear contact lenses, please take them out before your appointment. For soft lenses, remove them 30 minutes before and for hard lenses, 12 hours before.




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Neubaugasse 40

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0720 882947

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Drop by your nearest store, get a free eye test, and get yourself some personal style advice. We look pretty good IRL — just sayin'.

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