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Good news for you, screen user. Our Blue Light Filter glasses will help your eyes feel more comfortable during a long day of emails and video calls. Add our Blue Light Filter to prescription and non-prescription lenses — it’ll block high-energy blue light and reduce light scatter from your digital screens. But more on that below.

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First, let’s talk about Blue Light

Blue light is a colour in the visible light spectrum with a short, high-energy wavelength. You might not see it, but you are exposed to blue light pretty much everywhere you go. It’s the reason we see our sky as blue. Pretty cool. Without giving you a whole physics lesson, it’s good to know when we talk about blue light affecting the eye — we’re talking about two different types. 

There’s blue-turquoise light, which comes from the sun, is happily absorbed by the eyes and helps your brain tell the difference between day and night. Then there’s blue-violet light, which can be harmful to the retina and tire your eyes.

Blue light rays and your eyes

Like us, you’re probably spending a big chunk of your time in front of digital screens, whether it’s your computer screen or your phone. The blue-violet light emitted from digital screens travels in short wavelengths, it tends to scatter and misfocus and is an unwelcome source of glare and visual fatigue.

As a result, you end up straining and blinking a lot less than you should, which is perhaps why you may have experienced digital eye strain. The front section of the eye absorbs the majority of harmful UV light, but high-energy blue-violet rays (blue light) can still travel through and reach the delicate retina. Blue-violet light from the sun is an eye health risk, but the effect of blue light and hazard at lower intensities emitted from digital screens is still being researched.

What is a Blue Light Filter?

Our Blue Light Filter is integral within the lens material. So it’s not just a coating that’s added on top of the lens — which you’ll find with many other Screen Glasses. Our Blue Light Filter lenses block 94% of high-energy blue-violet light, as well as almost 100% of invisible UV A and UV B rays. After a long day behind the screen, wearing Blue Light Filter glasses can help make your eyes feel more comfortable.

Protect your eyes from UV rays

Now, this is pretty cool. Adding a Blue Light Filter to your prescription lenses will offer both comprehensive UV and Blue Light protection — just like our sunglasses — in a virtually clear lens. Even if you don’t feel the need to wear sunglasses, it’s a big plus that your regular glasses are protecting your eyes and eyelids from the long-term harmful effects of solar radiation. No such thing as being overprotected, friends.

Non-prescription wearers

No prescription? No problem. Our Screen Glasses are frames with non-prescription lenses that have a patented Blue Light Filter — available for €110. Screen glasses are a high-technology comfort filter that effectively reduces the scatter glare from digital screens — helping you to manage long hours of digital screen time even if you don’t have a prescription. Amazingly, with only a subtle tint they do not affect colour discrimination when worn. They also efficiently block up to 94% of high-energy blue-violet light and almost 100% harmful UV from any light source.

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Prescription wearers

Adding a Blue Light Filter to your prescription lenses costs an additional €25. If you already have a pair of our glasses, the cost to replace your lenses (reglaze), including a Blue Light Filter, is €50 + €25.


Blue Light blocking glasses have a subtle pale blueish tint, so we recommend buying darker-coloured acetate or metal frames if you’re easily bothered by this. The blueish tint is most noticeable when paired with transparent frames.

Our blue light lenses are for everyone who has any amount of screen time, with any amount of blue light exposure. At this very moment, you’re likely reading this on a screen. Our blue light glasses can create a little more comfort for your eyes — for long office days, gaming sessions, or quick emails before bed. As a bonus, your eyes will be protected from harmful UV light from the sun as well.

Our Blue Light Filter is available in combination with our new ultra-thin Premium Lenses, which will look great at low to moderate prescriptions. But, please note at high prescriptions above +/- 6 SPH our clear Premium Lenses are recommended instead as they will look more attractive.

Screen Glasses are a pair of dashing Ace & Tate frames with the Blue Light Filter added to the lenses. But we can add our Blue Light Filter to any glasses — including a pair of prescription ones.

Even when you’re not behind the computer all day, you might be tempted to wear your new glasses everywhere you go. We don’t blame you. Wearing lenses with a Blue Light Filter will protect your eyes from any (!) source of UV or high energy blue-violet light, so you can wear your screen glasses or prescription glasses with Blue Light Filter all day if you’d like. They even help to slightly reduce the night glare from oncoming high-intensity LED headlamps.

We all try to bring down our screentime, but sometimes you can't help but check your phone or laptop before going to sleep. The blue turquoise light (the one that tells you if it's night or day) comes from the sun and the light from digital screens. Our Blue Light Filter doesn't block blue-turquoise light, but by turning on your phone's night mode and wearing Blue Light Filter lenses, you can help yourself to achieve a better night's sleep.

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