Our Pricing
At Ace & Tate, we like to keep it simple. We design our glasses in-house and work closely with our production partners so we can offer you eyewear from DKK 1,100, including prescription.

And what about the extras? Find them all here.
Crystal clear
Why make things complicated? We oversee all steps of the supply chain — from mood board to finished product — so we can offer you quality frames at fair prices.
AT AW22 Dimitri 1440X1440PX
  • Single vision glasses DKK 1,100
  • Varifocal glasses DKK 3,500
  • Non-prescription screen glasses DKK 1,100
  • Non-prescription glasses DKK 1,100
Raw collection MKT row block
  • Non-prescription lenses DKK 1,100
  • Single vision lenses DKK 1,600
  • Varifocal lenses DKK 4,000
Bundle HP MKT block
Our Bundle Offer
Why choose? Get both. Save 40% on any extra pair of frames. All you have to do is add the frames to your cart and you'll automatically receive the offer.
  • Offer applies to the lowest-priced pair
  • It does not extend to our limited-edition collaboration frames
  • Your order must include a minimum of two pairs to qualify
  • Offer is applicable both online and in stores
Find more details about the offer in our Terms and Conditions. 
JPG 300dpi-Ultra thin lenses (1.74) 02
Lenses & coatings
  • Premium Lenses +DKK 600
  • Supreme Lenses +DKK 900
  • Blue Light Filter +DKK 250
  • Sun Premium +DKK 600
  • Polarised Lenses +DKK 500
  • Anti-reflection coating FREE
  • Anti-scratch coating FREE
  • UV protection FREE
Cleaning cloth Trio
  • Clip-ons DKK 600
  • Polarised Clip-ons
  • Hard Case
  • Cleaning Kit €12
  • Gift cards
Reglaze or replace
  • Optical lenses DKK 500
  • Sunglasses lenses DKK 1,000
  • Varifocal optical lenses DKK 2,900
  • Varifocal sunglasses lenses DKK 3,400
  • Eye test FREE
  • Frame adjustments FREE
  • Style advice FREE
  • Same day glasses +DKK 250

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