How To Clean
Your Glasses
Our glasses need a little TLC every now and then, to help them look good and even extend their life. They go through a lot, sitting on our noses every day, so why not show them some love?
You missed a spot
If you’ve got a smudge that just won’t budge (we’re looking at you, sun cream), you might need more than steamy breath and the edge of your t-shirt to sort your lenses out. Our cleaning kit has all necessary tools to keep your glasses looking as good as new: a 100% natural cleaning spray and an extra cloth.

It costs €12 and is available in all our stores (or online, when you buy any frame). And guess what, we’ll give you free refills whenever you want, ‘cause we ain’t about that single-use life.
How to clean your glasses
Before you dive in, you'll need to arm yourself with a few vital tools:
  • Lukewarm water, with a dash of non-acidic soap
  • Two (clean) soft cloths
Let's start cleaning
  1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly
  2. Hold your frame by the nose bridge or temple, not by the lenses
  3. Wipe the lenses with a cloth dipped in the soapy water
  4. Make gentle, circular movements on the lens from the outside to the inside until the lenses are clean
  5. Repeat circular movements very gently on the rest of the frames
  6. Dry your specs with another clean cloth
  7. Ta-da!
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And some no-nos
  1. Don’t dry with heat (hairdryer, etc.)
  2. Don’t clean with solvents
  3. Don’t make jerky movements when cleaning
  4. Don’t leave glasses in direct sunlight
  5. Don’t leave glasses wet for too long
  6. Don’t clean with a dirty cloth
  7. Don’t use too much liquid
  8. Don’t leave it too long before you clean your glasses
So, now you're squeaky clean
But there’s a lot more you can do to keep your glasses in tip-top condition for years to come:
  • Keep your glasses in their case when you’re not wearing them. They’ll be dust free and protected from the elements (or whatever’s in your bag)
  • Wash your lens cloth regularly in warm, soapy water. A dirty cloth = dirty lenses
  • Remove your glasses by pinching the nose bridge and pulling your frames forwards and upwards, never by the temples, as it could make them loose
  • All our lenses are coated with a protective layer, but over time, you’ll probably scratch your lenses. If it impairs your vision, it’s time to get your glasses reglazed (and it’s cheaper than buying new frames)
  • It’s important to have your eyes checked regularly, as your prescription might change. If everything’s looking a bit hazy, book yourself in for a free eye test and get your specs updated
Need some help? Drop by your nearest store, where our staff can freshen up your frames with an ultrasonic cleaning device. We can also replace discoloured/dirty nose pads with shiny new ones. You’re welcome!

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