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Blue Light Glasses

Our Blue Light Filter — available for prescription and non-prescription lenses — blocks high-energy blue light emitted from digital screens, reducing light scatter. It’ll help your eyes feel more focused and comfortable during a long day of emails and video calls.

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Good news for you, screen user

Like us, you’re spending more time than ever in front of digital screens, whether it’s your computer or phone. Blue light emitted from digital screens travels in short wavelengths, meaning it scatters more and causes your eyes to misfocus — they need to work in overdrive to process the rays.

As a result, you end up straining and blinking a lot less than you should, which is why you may have experienced dry feeling eyes? Our Blue Light Filter is a solution for that.

Blue Light Filter

Is blue light bad?

Well, not completely. Blue light is a colour in the visible light spectrum with a short, high-energy wavelength. You’re exposed to it all day when in the sun, but also when working in front of digital screens all day.

Most forms of light are absorbed by the front section of the eye, but high-energy blue violet rays (blue light) travel further and reach the delicate retina, possibly causing harm (smart people are researching its effects as we speak). What we know for sure is that your eyes are more capable of absorbing harmful UV light, than they are of processing blue light radiation.

Our Blue Light Filter lenses block 94% of visible blue light, as well as 100% of invisible UV A and UV B rays, providing the same amount of UV protection as our sunglasses in a virtually clear lens. Blue Light Filter lenses do have a subtle blueish tint, so we recommend buying darker-coloured acetate or metal frames if you’re easily bothered by this.

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Now, let's talk about sleep

The blue violet light that tires your eyes is different from blue turquoise light that keeps you awake. Blue turquoise light isn’t evil — it also comes from the sun and is happily absorbed by the eyes, helping your brain tell the difference between day and night — but too much at the wrong time isn’t a good thing.

See, you also take in blue turquoise light from digital screens. That’s why scrolling your feed at midnight can cause trouble sleeping — your brain assumes it’s daytime.

Our Blue Light Filter doesn't block blue turquoise light (it's the 6% that we allow to pass through), but by turning on your phone’s night mode and wearing Blue Light Filter lenses, you can help yourself to achieve a better night’s sleep.

It’s time to take care of your eyes

Adding a Blue Light Filter to your prescription lenses costs an additional DKK 250. If you already have a pair of our glasses, the cost to replace your lenses (reglaze) including a Blue Light Filter is DKK 500 + DKK 250.

We don’t offer a Blue Light Filter for our ultra thin lenses. These lenses have more complicated refraction technology packed inside and we can only fit so much in a small space, sorry about that.

Don’t have a prescription?

No problem! Try our Screen Glasses — frames with non-prescription lenses but an added Blue Light Filter — to block those misbehaving blue rays. If you’re not sure whether you need glasses or not, find out by booking a free eye test.

Screen Glasses cost DKK 1,000 and are available online or in store.

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