Gafas Progresivas

Hacemos que la vida se vea bonita desde todos los ángulos, nuestras gafas progresivas tienen varias graduaciones dentro de la misma lente. ¡No es necesario cambiar entre diferentes pares!

Varifocal lenses are categorised in three groups, depending on the quality: good, better and best. Our lenses are made by one of the top three manufacturers in the world and rated in the ‘best’ range — that’s an industry recognised grade, not something we just made up. 

Why are they the best?

Not to get too technical, but our varifocal lenses are freeform designed and produced, which takes the following into account:
  • Prescription
  • Pupillary distance
  • Corridor length
  • Frame choice
All those measurements change how the lens is made and result in a great pair of varifocal glasses. No one-size-fits-all here!
In fact, freeform lenses offer such sharp results, most customers agree they're as good as bespoke lenses - which usually cost an arm and a leg.

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