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The numbers don't lie. We emitted 260.34 tons of CO2-eq* in 2018. To make one Neil frame, 3.96kg of CO2-eq is generated, while Pierce creates 6.73kg of CO2-eq per frame.

An ugly truth, but we need to know the facts if we want to improve. We measured our footprint through two reports in 2018: a CO2 Report and a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The CO2 Report shows direct emissions from locations such as our retail stores and the LCA dives into the production process. 

We'll report annually to track progress and set goals. As sustainable innovation goes faster than you can say Ace & Tate, we'll review these goals regularly and change them when necessary.


For the LCA, we measured the emissions of two bestselling frames (one metal and one acetate): Neil and Pierce. You've already seen the results above, which we're actively working to cut.

The bigger we get, the more CO2-eq we’ll generate, which is why we track the average emissions per frame, rather than the total. It’s called like-for-like reporting and it’ll help us make meaningful change.

All those numbers can be overwhelming, so let us break it down for you.

The average impact of an Ace & Tate frame currently equals:

210 cups of coffee or almost 5 t-shirts

Our total carbon footprint, 260.34-ton CO2-eq equals:

287 return flights from Amsterdam to New York or 5.2 million cups of coffee

The numbers tell us two things: impact is unavoidable and doing nothing is not an option. We’ll keep pushing ourselves and others to make improvements where we can: the more, the better. We’re working on it.

Want full disclosure?

*Carbon dioxide and equivalent greenhouse gases