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We only work with factories that share our values of quality and integrity. Itโ€™s quite simple: if the factory ainโ€™t right, the product ainโ€™t good.

When deciding who to collaborate with, we always look at level of experience, technical abilities and quality control, as well as social and environmental practises, transparency and fair pricing. Weโ€™ve also chosen not to work with any factory we canโ€™t visit.

Weโ€™re currently working with seven manufacturers, three of which are located in Northern Italy and the other four in Shenzhen โ€“ the two best places for eyewear production in the world. Our raw material suppliers are also just around the corner from both locations, so thereโ€™s no need to ship materials around the world.

Most importantly, weโ€™ve become pretty tight with our partners. We visit each factory regularly and have built a strong and transparent relationship with each one of them, which we believe shines through in the consistent quality of our product.