Good news — the clouds are finally parting and it's our time to shine.

We can’t wait for all-day fun in the sun, and at last we can wear our sunnies to the beach, the park and everywhere in between, whiling the hours away with the people we’ve missed — albeit cautiously.

Victoria is wearing Ruby in Matte White.
Bella in Red Velvet
Laia is wearing Harper in Inferno.
Neil clip-on in Satin Gold
Laia is wearing Rocky in Ice Blue.
Marc is wearing Leo in Chestnut Tortoise.
Laia is wearing Ilo in Blue Moon.
Victoria is wearing John in Satin Gold.

Summer is...

Rocky in Ice Blue
Brigitte in Shadow


Don’t sweat — our sunnies block UV-A and UV-B rays.


Time to get dressed again — these frames make any outfit look tip top.

Allen in Sky Blue
Ilo in Blue Moon


Let’s make the most of the weather together — who knows how long it’ll last.

Sean in Sugar Man
Byron in Eye of the Tiger
Harper in Inferno
Victoria is wearing Brigitte in Shadow.
Marc is wearing Sean in Sugar Man.

Oh summer, how we’ve missed you.

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