Our glasses size guide

It’s true — there’s a frame for every face. Let’s see which of our three sizing options is the right fit for you.

What size glasses do I need?

So, you’re trying on eyewear but can’t figure out if you’ve got the right glasses size? These three tips will help you figure it out. 

Pick from different sizes

We offer eyewear in small, regular, large and extra-large. Scroll down to spot the difference — our model has a small face and is wearing small, regular and large.

Check the frame width 

We call this — the cheekbone check. Simply place your finger between your cheekbone and the frame. It should fit comfortably without squeezing it in and there shouldn’t be too much space either. 

Check the frame length 

The temples, the part of the frame behind your ears, should be sitting just right. That means snug around the ears but not too tight, and you don’t want them sticking out too far either. 

Congrats, you’ve found the right glasses size.

Now all that’s left is finding it in the style you like.

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