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Multifocal glasses do all the work of a distance prescription, a reading prescription and everything in-between, so there’s no need to switch frames. Buh-bye, reading glasses!

Age is just a number, but with time, most of us start having trouble reading small text or seeing things up-close. Add in the glare of computer screens, tablets and mobiles, and our eyes start feeling the strain even earlier. That’s where multifocals come in...

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How they work

Multifocal glasses – or varifocals, if that’s your thing – are designed so that the prescription gets stronger towards the bottom. Your distance prescription is at the top and your reading prescription is at the base. The middle bit is for everything else in the intermediate distance, like computer screens or dashboards.

Transitioning between prescriptions is pretty handy, but it can cause distortion or blur around the edges. The amount of blur can differ, depending on the quality of the lens. This is why multifocals are broken down into three categories; good, better, best. In a nutshell, the higher quality the lens, the less distortion there is.

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Nothing but the best

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, we’ve teamed up with one of the world’s leading lens laboratories (seriously, they’re in the top 3) and upgraded our multifocals from ‘better’ to ‘best.’ AKA fantastic to amazing. This means even less blur, even wider range and a really lovely time all-round. How about that for a fresh new outlook?

Oh, and we’ll give you 30 days to try them — no questions asked.

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Your prescription matters

For us lens quality is a no-brainer, but something else to think about is your prescription. If there’s a big difference between your distance prescription and your reading one, then the more distortion there’ll be. The solution? As soon as you start having issues with reading up-close, pop in and see one of our optometrists and they’ll confirm if you need multifocals.

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Book an eye test

Heads up: our multifocal glasses are available up to a maximum sphere between -8.00 or +8.00 and up to a maximum cylinder of -4.00 or +4.00.

Already have your multifocals, now what? Check out our handy guide

Multifocal glasses start from €298. You can snag a pair online as well as in-store. Bonus.

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