We are not a sustainable company, but we are learning and taking action towards reducing the footprint we leave behind.

Making glasses isn’t great for the environment. Every frame we produce, every lens we cut and every package we ship is connected to natural resources — that’s why we’re doing our best to reduce our impact (we like living on this planet, after all). 

There are four areas we’re tackling where we can make the most change: Supply Chain, Product, HQ and Retail —  read more about what we’re doing in the pages ahead.

We’re also committed to being open about how we’re bettering our operations. By letting you in, we hope to become an engine for positive change in our industry.

We’ve set some goals — some short term, some all the way up to 2030. They’re going to evolve and change as the industry does, but you can see some of them here already.

If you’re hungry to dive deeper into the subject, check out our blog on Medium.

We’re working on it.

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