Supply Chain

The supply chain is where the magic happens: from raw material to finished product, we work closely with our partners to maintain the best standards. 

Our Factories

We produce in China and Italy, with the advantage of being in direct contact with our suppliers. When we started producing in China a few years ago, our focus was first and foremost on the factories adhering to the same quality, ethical and technical standards as our suppliers in Italy. 

We only work with those who follow our strict Code of Conduct. It's a contract we all sign to ensure our standards are constantly met, created in partnership with Sustainalize

Code of Conduct

  1. No child labour
  2. No forced labour
  3. No discrimination, harassment and abuse
  4. Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  5. Respectful and safeguarded employment relationships
  6. Living wages
  7. Legal overtime compensation
  8. Reasonable working hours
  9. A safe and healthy working environment
  10. Environmental policy and transparency up to our standards

If you want to know more about our suppliers, click here.


When products are transported, CO2 is produced. We compensate our emissions (also known as offsetting) through with FlexPort for airfreight and Good Shipping for packages sent by sea. We’re also looking into other alternatives, so we can improve from the source, instead of having to make up for it. 

Sometimes we send our products by air, mostly because it’s quicker, but there’s also another reason: acetate can melt if it’s stuck in a regular shipping container for a long period of time. It’s less damaging to fly our frames in cargo holds (where it’s cold anyway) because they take up so little space, than renting an entire temperature-controlled container, which would be mostly empty. 

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