Online Eye Tests

Been a while since you had your eyes tested and really can’t be bothered to put your shoes on? Let us introduce you to Online Eye Tests.

We’ve partnered with easee for our Online Eye Tests and just like our IRL exams, they’re free, always. They’re an online eye test specialist working with medical grade software and their own expert optometrists. Complete the test and you’ll receive your prescription from easee within 24 hours, simple!


The technology we’re using is pretty darn good, but unfortunately we can’t cater to everyone yet. To get started, you’ll need the following:

  1. A valid prescription that’s less than two years old.
  2. Your prescription must be within the range of 0 and -3, with a cylinder of up to -2.5 diopters — check our prescription page to figure out what that means.
  3. You’re aged between 18-40 (their rules, not ours).
  4. You'll need to live in the Netherlands, or Germany.
  5. A computer or laptop, with a camera.
  6. A smartphone with a camera (yes, you need both the computer and phone for the test).
  7. An internet connection.
  8. The space to distance yourself 3 metres from your screen.

If you don't meet these requirements, don't worry - you can still visit us for an eye test in your local store.

All good? Let’s get going.

How does it work?

  • After clicking ‘Start Eye Test’, you’ll be directed to easee’s website and you’ll need to make an account with them, or log in if you’ve already got an account. Once that’s done, the eye test will start.

  • Grab your phone (you’ll use that as a remote) and stand 3 metres away from your laptop or computer, where the actual test will be displayed.

  • An easee Virtual Assistant will guide you through the four parts of the test, which we think is pretty enjoyable. Expect it to take 20-30 minutes — the same as an IRL eye test in our stores. Make sure you answer honestly, but don’t be afraid of making a mistake.

  • At the end of your test, you’ll be notified if you need glasses or if your current specs need a correction. Your results will be verified by an easee optometrist and you’ll get your medically approved prescription via email within 24 hours.

  • Bonus — your prescription will be saved to your Ace & Tate account automatically, so no need to remember it or search through your emails once you get to the fun part — searching for your new frames.

  • Take note — easee’s online eye tests do not assess for colour blindness or hyperopia.

Ace & Tate has collaborated with easee to offer this free online eye test service and during the eye test, you will be transferred to easee’s professional care.

easee will conduct the examination and confirm your prescription results within 24 hours. Please be aware that the follow-up communication will come from easee, though your results will automatically be logged in your Ace & Tate online account.

Any questions? Our FAQs should have them covered.

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