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At Ace & Tate, we like to keep it simple. We design our glasses in-house and work closely with our production partners so we can offer you eyewear from CHF 148, including prescription.

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Crystal clear

Why make things complicated? We oversee all steps of the supply chain — from mood board to finished product — so we can offer you quality frames at fair prices.

Price for single vision glasses

Image pricing UK pounds

Our process


  • Single vision glasses CHF 148

  • Varifocal glasses CHF 458

  • Non-prescription screen glasses CHF 148

  • Non-prescription glasses CHF 148

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  • Non-prescription lenses CHF 148

  • Single vision lenses CHF 228

  • Varifocal lenses CHF 538

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Lenses & coatings

  • Ultra Thin Lenses +CHF 80

  • Blue Light Filter +CHF 30

  • Anti-reflection coating FREE

  • Anti-scratch coating FREE

  • UV protection FREE

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  • Clip-ons CHF 88

  • The Box 

  • Cleaning kit 

  • Gift card 1: CHF 37

  • Gift card 2: CHF 78

  • Gift card 3: CHF 148

  • Gift card 4: CHF 228

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Reglaze or replace

  • Optical lenses CHF 78

  • Sunglasses lenses CHF 118

  • Varifocal optical lenses CHF 388

  • Varifocal sunglasses lenses CHF 508

  • Frame replacement CHF 78 / CHF 148

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  • Eye test FREE

  • Frame adjustments FREE

  • Style advice FREE

  • Same day glasses +CHF 30

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