Free eye test

We offer free eye tests (yes, really) by qualified optometrists in most of our stores. If you’re wondering what it involves, look no further.

When do you need an eye test?

Whether you’re a glasses wearer or not, it’s a 
good idea to have a check up once every two years, as your eyes can change over time.

If you’re not due for a check up, there might be other good reasons to get your eyes looked at:

  1. You’ve lost your glasses or prescription
  2. You notice things are looking a little hazy
  3. Your eyes feel tired, uncomfortable or strained

You're safe with us

We're taking extra precautions in-store and during eye tests to make sure you and our team stay healthy and limit the spread of COVID-19.

What happens during the test?

Our eye tests are carried out by qualified optometrists, using top-notch machinery. We look for common problems (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism) and how much correction is needed, if any. Find out more details about the technical stuff here.

An eye test with us goes a bit like this:

  1. Firstly, we start by asking a few questions about your eyes, to understand your needs
  2. We check your current prescription (if you have one)
  3. Next, we look at your visual acuity — in other words, we look at the clarity and sharpness of your vision
  4. We test your right eye, including checking for astigmatism, then we do the same with your left eye
  5. Lastly, we perform a few tests with both eyes together, to double check the results
  6. We’ll save your prescription in your online account for safekeeping. If you want a printed version; no problem, just ask your optometrist!

To understand everything in your written prescription, check out our prescription guide.

How to book?

Easy! Use our store finder below and follow the steps to book a time slot online, give us a call, or pop by and arrange it in person.

An eye test takes around 20 minutes for single vision and multifocals, so you can even drop in on your lunch break.

Be prepared

Before your eye test, 
we need a few things from you:


Please be on time. To avoid delays for others, if you’re more than 5 minutes late, we’ll cancel your appointment and you’ll have to rebook.


If you normally wear glasses, 
bring them along.


If you normally wear contact lenses, please take them out before your appointment. For soft lenses, remove them 30 minutes before and for hard lenses, 12 hours before.

There's no catch

Unlike with other opticians, our eye tests are always free and we won’t pressure you into buying frames when you’re done. There’s no catch, we promise.

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Visit a store to try our entire collection, get style advice from our team, or have your eyes tested for free. Find out more about opening times and available services near you on our individual store pages.

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