Blue Light Glasses

Blue light is a colour in the visible light spectrum with a short wavelength, meaning it produces higher amounts of energy. We’re exposed to it every day, particularly those of us who spend long periods outdoors, or behind a screen.

Is blue light harmful?

Well, maybe. Ultraviolet light is absorbed by the front section of the eye — as it should be — but high energy violet-blue rays (blue light) reach the retina, which is the subject of ongoing health research.

Our Blue Light Glasses block harmful UV-A, UV-B and blue light rays, providing protection in a clear lens.

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Good news for screen users

Many people get tired eyes from sitting behind computers or on phones all day. Current research doesn’t prove that modern digital displays emit enough blue light to be harmful. But excess blue light does cause increased light scatter and mis-focus from screens, which can be easily improved.

Our Blue Light Filter, available for most optical glasses, blocks over 94% of short-wavelength blue light and reduces light scatter. The big benefit is that it increases comfort for people who look at digital screens a lot — all of us, basically.

Our Blue Light Filter is a unique patented product which works in conjunction with the night filter on your phone. Nevertheless, make sure you take regular breaks and don’t go to bed with your phone in your hand!

Blue Light Filter

Be aware, the lenses do tend to have a slight tint. We recommend buying darker-coloured or metal frames if you want Blue Light Filter Glasses.

Don't need glasses?

No problem! Our Screen Glasses are non-prescription Blue Light Glasses, fitted with lenses that have a Blue Light Filter to block those misbehaving blue rays. 

Screen Glasses cost CHF 148 and are available online or in store.


Down to the numbers

A pair of new Blue Light Glasses costs CHF 30 above the price of the frame (find out more about our pricing). If you already have a pair of Ace & Tate glasses, the cost to reglaze to blue light filter lenses is £78.

Some exceptions

We don’t offer Blue Light Filter for varifocal glasses or our ultra thin lenses. These lenses have more complicated refraction technology packed inside and we can only fit so much in a small space, sorry about that.

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