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Corporate Service
Give your employees glasses! Choose a present that not only looks great, but is good for their eyes as well.
Or take over some of Santa's duties and gift your employees dashing eyewear.

Give your dear colleagues a discount of £110, (full standard product), £50 or £25 which they can use on our website and in our lovely stores.

Whichever option you choose, we can give you a great deal — tailored to your company's needs. And as usual, eye-testing and full fitting service are on us!

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At Ace & Tate, we offer organizations like yours the opportunity to gift employees with thoughtfully designed eyewear. Our corporate packages include tailored shopping experiences for your team, both online and in our stores. From free eye tests and expert style advice, to custom frame adjustments — we won't stop until your employees have stylish eyewear they're happy with. Plus, when you buy glasses for your employees, we’ll give you a friendly offer.
Blue light glasses
Screen Glasses
2020 taught us that we're all spending too much time in front of digital screens — your team included. Our blue light glasses block 94% of high-energy blue light rays that are emitted by digital devices, such as laptops and mobile phones. Their special non-prescription Blue Light Filter lenses decrease light scatter, preventing misfocused (blurry) vision. Gift them to your employees for a more comfortable WFH experience. Their eyes will remain relaxed, meaning they'll blink more and their eyes will stay hydrated. Screen time is thirsty work, after all.
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